Medical & Prevention Services

Our services are your partner as a 'Common Service for Prevention and Protection at work' (officially approved by the Federal Government on September 24 2006), to help Aviation and Airport Related Companies to comply with your legal obligations on Medical Surveillance and Risk Management.


These preventive activities are carried out by a multidisciplinary team:


Medical Surveillance:

  • Our medical staff is in full compliance to perform all legal acts: For personnel at risk, safety professions, minors, food contact, ...
  • Examinations are carried out at pre-employment, periodically, changing of working conditions, before reemployment after illness or accident, pregnancy, spontaneous consultation, ...
  • (Medical Department approved by Flemish Government since April 1 2005)
  • Business hours: on weekdays from 08H30 - 16H30


Risk Management:

Our multidisciplinary team consist further of a Class I Safety Advisor, as well as an Ergonomist/Industrial Hygienist and a Psychologist, who can assist you in their specific fields of interest: Evaluation of working conditions, exposure to hazards, safety related matters, work stress, alcohol and smoking policy, harassment...

Aviation Medical Center

We are your partner as an Aviation Medical Center. These activities are carried out by a team of doctors, specialists and nurses:

  • Business hours: on weekdays from 08H30 - 16H30 Payment: electronic payment with Belgian debetcards, with Bancontact or cash.
  • EASA-licenses: We are recognized by the Belgian Aviation Authorities as an Aviation Medical Center (AMC), qualified to perform all medical examinations in compliance with EASA-FCL Class 1, 2, 3 & 4

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Brussels Aviation Medical
Brussels Airport - Building 26 – B-House
1930 Zaventem


T +32 (0)2 416 22 70